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DIY graphic design for your business

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Are you a business owner who needs to find a sustainable solution to graphic design?

There are so many things to do in a business, we often wonder how we get it all done plus serve our clients and customers plus have a personal life!

We have to oversee SO many areas of business including social media posting and engagement, upkeep of the business website, clients and customers to serve, accounting, administration, marketing, networking, graphic design, contractor and staff management... the list really could go on.

With graphic design being SUCH an important part of a successful business, it should be done right. So, once you get a logo designed, how do you keep that beautiful logo and brand aesthetic consistent and on-brand moving forward?

It can seem overwhelming and frustrating trying to keep up with it all, so we am here to make your life a little easier.

Would you like to...

Ditch the frustration when it comes to creating your own graphic designs?

Create designs quickly and have them look good every single time?

Level up your design game and stand out from the competition in a professional, consistent way?

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Well, Susan Dunlop did just that

Susan turned her brand from inconsistent and not on-brand, to consistent and beautiful using our Social Media Post templates!

Susan Case Study

What Susan Thinks about the templates

Susan Dunlop Business Coaching

“I have found a really smart, time-saving, professional solution to create my social media posts.

I had tried a few downloadable template packs before, but they always end up looking like the designer’s own brand, and like so many other posts from life coaches that you see on Instagram and Facebook. They don’t stand out and are complicated to work with.

In August, I consulted with Katie Wass at Rise & Roar Design to have a make-over of my branding. I needed a new logo, new meaningful colours and elements and the style guide for my growing practice. Then, as a do-it-myself business owner, I decided to test out Rise & Roar’s first release of professionally designed social media templates.

I have used Canva as a beginner before. Using these templates in Canva was a dream. Not only were they really cost-effective, they are so easy to edit and easy to customise. A really well thought out variety of templates in one file that I could use for multiple ads, a bio, posts, quotes, packages, price lists, and even my podcast show cover art. It was really easy to swap in my own brand colours, logos, images and other elements. It let me draw on my love of creativity and I just kept going once I got started. I had a whole pack of Susan Dunlop Life Coach social media posts within hours and I have had so many compliments on the new look and feel. The amount of time and mind-space these are going to save me, knowing I have populated templates ready to schedule… I’m so happy. It lets me just focus on being a coach! What a valuable resource that Rise & Roar has to offer.”

Susan Dunlop, Life Coach, Noosa

Flyer Template Design

You might be thinking:

  • I'm not creative enough to do my own graphic design
  • DIY design takes WAY too long
  • a template can’t be adapted to my own brand
  • I just need a sustainable graphic design solution!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back:

  • the beauty of these templates is you can decide how creative you get with them. You can simply change the colours, fonts and images on the template as they are or you can move things around and add your own custom brand design elements
  • some templates only take minutes to update - no more hours upon hours of fiddling and not knowing why a design doesn't look right
  • the templates have been created so they are a baseline - meaning you can easily remove design elements that don't suit and add them according to your brand!
  • not only are these templates a cost effective option, but you can use the template over and over again!

We know it can be really frustrating when you're sitting at the computer trying to design something to look good and after 2 hours you still can’t put your finger on why it doesn’t look right!

We've done the hard work for you - simply open a template and have a completed design in minutes.

Change the way you create

  • Templates are based on canva (free or pro account depending on the template)
  • Save time and money
  • No more frustration and designs that just don't work
  • Create a beautiful, consistent social media presence
  • More free time to focus on other aspects of your business
  • Create designs in minutes instead of hours
  • Learn new design skills
  • Elevate your brand, your way
  • A proud biz owner who loves the way their brand looks
  • Build a professional suite of marketing materials

What our community think about the templates

Lisa Sparkle ELearning

Lisa used: Business Info Card Template

“I never knew I needed a Biz Info Card until I saw Rise and Roar Design’s template! It is a fantastic visual tool to explain who I am and what my business does without people having to go on my website. The template was incredibly easy to use and I could easily apply my branding using Canva. I now send out my Biz Info Card to prospective clients. Thanks so much Katie! “

Lisa, Sparkle E-Learning

Lisa Sparkle ELearning

Steph used: Flyer Template

“We were so excited when we opened the flyer templates! They have saved us SO much time and were super easy to customise to fit our branding. They look really professional which is often hard to achieve in Canva plus the designs aren’t something that thousands of people have access too - just a small handful. Highly recommend, it’s a big yes from us.“

Steph, Dash of Milk Agency

Easy to customise to suit your brand

If you are able to engage a professional graphic designer to do your work, amazing! But we do understand it’s not always in the budget or on the cards for every business (depending on what stage of business you're in). Our templates are designed so that you can customise them to suit your brand easily.

Before and After Templates

What our community think about the templates

Emma Madsen The Content Addict and The Carers Club

Emma used: Social Media Post Template

“I freaking love Katie’s templates! Wish I had these years ago! I’ve always wanted to be able to make my biz docs look amazing but my design skills are somewhat (ok, VERY) limited. These Canva templates make it a breeze with easy ‘how to’ instructions.

I love how I can use them over and over again plus add my own branding including my colour palette. Saving me time and money so I can get back to what I’m actually good at.
Thanks Katie, once again you’ve rocked my world!”

Emma, Founder of The Content Addict & The Carers Club

Leona Scratch and Jotter

Leona used: Social Media Post Template

“Talk about making things easy! With a simple drag and drop, a little colour change here and some text replacement, I now have a suite of social media posts ready to go. And my posts look super swish - exactly the vibe I was going for. 

The templates relieved the pressure of creating high level design, when that’s not my strength AND they freed up time for me to focus on my offer. Forever grateful. Thank you Katie!”

Leona, Scratch and Jotter


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