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Why is design so important for your business?

Blog Post Why Is Design so Important?

So…you’ve heard all the experts talking about the importance of design and visual branding and you’ve thrown something together yourself for your business…

Still, it doesn’t look quite… right. Something is off about it and your marketing materials aren’t getting the attention you hoped for, either. It could be your copy (the words you use) OR it could also be your design.

Too often the importance of great design is overlooked in business, therefore resulting in never fully reaching your full potential or your business’s full potential.

So, why is design so important and what can great design do for your business?


Make a Killer First Impression

We’ve all heard the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but if we’re honest, we all do. Whether it’s a book, a website, or even a person, we make our first judgements based on what we see. When that first impression is your website, product packaging, or any aspect of your marketing, it can be make or break.

If you have killer design, that first impression may be all it takes to lodge your brand firmly in a prospect’s mind. If your design is just “okay”, it’s going to take a great product or story to ensure your prospects are coming back and talking about you, and if your design really isn’t that great, your potential customers may be so turned off that they don’t even stick around to learn what you have to offer. With great design, you can focus on your messaging.


Build Brand Trust (and Skyrocket Your Sales)

How can design possibly help you grow brand trust and your revenue? Simply, poor design turns potential customers away. If your design is bad, it is generally associated with businesses who aren’t good at what they do or don’t care enough to put the effort into well curated, planned and thought-out design.

How many times have you received marketing in the mail or downloaded a PDF, only to throw it out immediately because it looks like it was designed on Microsoft Word in 1996? Whether it’s a flyer, brochure, Instagram account, PDF download, or ad, if it doesn’t appeal to us immediately we’re going to turn away.

Good quality design shows that someone has put serious thought into their business and is worth spending some time with. If your design is lacking or gives people the wrong message, simply investing in great design can help build trust, grab attention and skyrocket your conversion rates.


Hone Your Call to Action

We all know the power of great call to actions (CTAs), but the very best CTAs are those that are positioned well in a design and actually push the view over the line to take action! In the past, an ad (physical or digital) could use big, bold colours, all caps and urgent language, and the viewer would respond. Nowadays, customers are more discerning and since we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and pushy messages, we tend to be less receptive to these ads. To quickly and efficiently get your value proposition across and convince your target market to take action, this can be done through well thought-out design.


Tell Your Story with Flair

Every business has a story, and it’s one you should most definitely tell! If your story is central to the way you do business, it’s time to make sure your design properly represents this. The colours, fonts, images, and overall aesthetic is crucial to telling your story. For example, if you are a brand for mothers with babies and toddlers, your overall design aesthetic may be soft, with light pastel colours, and clear, rounded fonts. That tells the story of new life, love, and a fresh start.

This type of brand typically wouldn’t choose dark colours, metal and concrete textures, and all caps – at first glance, it doesn’t tell the story of a brand for mothers and bubs and could turn all potential customers away. While you certainly can break some of the rules and create a brand that looks different from your competitors, there are certain industry and niche norms customers expect to see. Don’t confuse your customers; they’ll simply go somewhere else.


Create an Unforgettable, Instantly Recognisable Brand

Think of any big brand and you’ll instantly think of their branding logo, colours, and design style. While design evolves over the years, top brands have created great designs that work for them, which seems to stick. Think of a big yellow M – you think of Macca’s, right? What about Nike? Are you seeing the Nike swoosh in black and white?

There isn’t a big brand in the world who didn’t invest in great design, but you don’t have to be a multi-million-dollar business to have iconic design. If you invest in design today, you’ll have a vehicle that helps your business grow for decades to come.

Yes, you can start your business without great design just to get everything in place, but if you don’t have quality design by the time you start your marketing in earnest, you risk losing out on potential customers.

If you need help with your design work and you’re looking for warm, creative, and earthy layouts, Rise and Roar Design is perfect for you 🙂 Contact us today.

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