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What colour palette are you?

Blog Post What Colour Palette are You

A well-crafted colour palette is important when it comes to a business or personal brand.

Research has shown we remember colour more than other visual elements such as shapes, symbols and words, and it is said that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%!*

So, what’s your colour palette? Check out the descriptions for the colours below and see which you align with most.

Colour Palette Pinks and Purples

Pinks and Purples

You are: feminine, sentimental, romantic and ambitious. You are unique and creative, love to spend time with your friends and can be a bit of a social butterfly. You are unstoppable once you set your mind to something. You’re a great friend; loyal, caring and affectionate.

Key words: spirituality, royalty, mystery, transformative, wealth, independence, feminine, romantic, strong.

Green Colour Swatch


You are: ambitious, a nature lover, down to earth and crave growth. You are affectionate, loyal and well aware of what others think of you. You need to love and to be loved, you strive for safety and security. You care so deeply for others that you often forget about your own needs.

Key words: nature, refreshing, envy, fertility, generosity, youth, healing, stability, growth, luck, hope.

Blue Colour Swatch


You are: confident, intelligent, communicative, trustworthy and have a calming personality. You seek harmony in all aspects of your life, you’re reliable, always thinking of others and have quite the sensitive side. You are very loyal in all your relationships and love to be social.

Key words: truth, confidence, calm, protection, harmony, peace, tranquility, healing, loyalty, trust, intelligence.

Black Colour Swatch


You are: powerful, elegant, mysterious, sophisticated and formal. You tend to keep things to yourself, focus on the details and can be quite sensitive. You’re artistic and like your alone time. You are strong, decisive and a bit of an introvert but also an excellent leader or entrepreneur.

Key words: sophisticated, minimalistic, mysterious, powerful, elegant, conservative, strong, formal, professional.

White Colour Swatch


You are: a minimalist, crave simplicity, very clean and aim for perfection. You are organised and logical. You live (or try to) a minimalistic life and avoid purchasing things they don’t REALLY need. You have high standards of cleanliness and appearance, you’re confident, open, fearless and strive for perfection.

Key words: clean, fearless, simplicity, logical, minimalist, logical, clinical, medical, confident, white space, a perfectionist.

Orange / Yellow Colour Swatch

Yellow and Orange

You are: a happy gal, oddly enthusiastic, super creative and adventurous. You LOVE to learn, enjoy self-development, and enjoy teaching and helping others. You’re a bit of a perfectionist with high expectations and big plans. You love to dream and envisage what things will be like in the future. You’re incredibly independent and prefer only a small circle of close friends.

Key words: fun, imaginative, joy, happy, energy, ambitious, generous, enthusiastic, expansive, action.

Red Colour Swatch


You are: high energy, are very passionate, crave power and will stop at nothing to get what you want. You live your life to the fullest and are tenacious and determined in anything you take on. You have a strong will, are ambitious and you’re the hardest worker you know.

Key words: dynamic, courageous, energising, passionate, powerful, loving, exciting, dangerous, sale, aggressive, optimistic, stimulating, strong.

Perfect Colour Palette Free Resource

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